Thursday, May 28, 2009

First doctors appointment

Beautiful Jacqueline.
Tired Jacqueline
Cranky Jacqueline
Her first doctors visit. She did not like being naked on the table.

Renn at the doctor is easily entertained.


kgrandy said...

Karen- I found your blog! Your baby is beautiful. How are you? Keep in touch.

Kel (and Scott and boys)

Karen and Renn said...

Hi Kelley - Thanks! I'm tired and trying to write the Literature Review for a thesis. How are you? I just looked over your blog and it sounds like life is going well for you. The new pictures of you and Scott are cute. I also love the pictures of your kids jumping on the tramp with Scott's big smile. He looks like he loves his family so much. I look forward to updates.

My wedding cake

My wedding cake
My sister, Christie, made my wedding cake -- all five layers of it. It was fondant, covered in fresh red roses and green ribbon. For a more modern look she chose to make a square cake.

Trip up the canyon

Trip up the canyon
OK, here's the truth, what Renn and I really look like when we wake up. After our first backpacking trip as a couple, Renn's hair looked like grass growing on his head and mine lay flat and matted as we walked out of the mountains.

Karen and Renn in Mexico

Karen and Renn in Mexico
This is us on our last day at the Hummingbird Inn in Maneadero, Mexico. It was a fun week of service with Engineers Without Borders. Renn and other USU engineering students helped put in drain fields at an orphanage, The Gabriel House, for children with severe disabilities. I helped dig some holes and wrote an article for the newspaper about the experience.