Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Karen. Happy birthday to YoOOUUU!!! (sung to music in an extremly off key manner that the Hunts are renowned for....)

My present to you is this wonderful blog I set up for you. Hopefully you will use it and post pictures of you guys for me to see! It does seem like a slightly selfish present doesn't it???!!!? I love you Karen and you are the best sister I ever had and DEFINETLY my favorite sister.
You favorite sister,

P.s. I hope you like the background and everything if not I'll help you come up with some other ideas!!


Christie said...

Sorry it's not the best picture!! It was the only one I had Handy!!!

Alice said...

Hey Karen, I was just looking at Christie's blog and saw the link to your blog. It was just a few days ago that I read your comment on Lost River Roots saying that you didn't have a blog. So, I was a little confused at first. Then I realized that it was a brand new blog started by your sister. What a cool idea for a birthday present. I'll be watching for new pictures and to get updates on your life. What a fun way to keep in touch. I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying life.

Mark Christie Family said...

Hey Karen you need to do posts not page elements in the layout section!!! You silly girl.

My wedding cake

My wedding cake
My sister, Christie, made my wedding cake -- all five layers of it. It was fondant, covered in fresh red roses and green ribbon. For a more modern look she chose to make a square cake.

Trip up the canyon

Trip up the canyon
OK, here's the truth, what Renn and I really look like when we wake up. After our first backpacking trip as a couple, Renn's hair looked like grass growing on his head and mine lay flat and matted as we walked out of the mountains.

Karen and Renn in Mexico

Karen and Renn in Mexico
This is us on our last day at the Hummingbird Inn in Maneadero, Mexico. It was a fun week of service with Engineers Without Borders. Renn and other USU engineering students helped put in drain fields at an orphanage, The Gabriel House, for children with severe disabilities. I helped dig some holes and wrote an article for the newspaper about the experience.